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The military medicine from health positions

How is it possible to combine the works of two totally different departments only in favor of the activity of the system? Conversation with RA Minister of Health Armen Muradyan

_How will you assess the level of military medicine in Armenia? How consistent is it with developments of military medicine?


International military-medical cooperation

In 2005 when the Program on Activities of Individual Partnership with NATO was signed the military-medical service of RA armed forces also started to participate in NATO programs on cooperation.

The first international mission in which our military doctors were involved was the peacekeeping mission in Iraq. From...

Always side-by-side

When Dr. Vartkes and Mary V. Najaryan received their awards at this year’s “Ellis Island Medal of Honor” ceremony on May 10, they became the first married couple of any background to receive the award in the same year.
It was just one many “firsts” punctuating the lives of this remarkable couple.

Expectations and perspectives as a result of the conference

The army of the Republic of Armenia is only 22 years old but Armenian military art is thousands years old. In the course of the history of more than 4 thousand years the Armenian soldier has fought the Babylonians, Assyrians, Ponticus, Romans, Mongols, Turks, Persians and many others, but the goal of fighting Armenian...