The military medicine from health positions

How is it possible to combine the works of two totally different departments only in favor of the activity of the system? Conversation with RA Minister of Health Armen Muradyan

_How will you assess the level of military medicine in Armenia? How consistent is it with developments of military medicine?

_The military medicine has had a great rise and at present it is a stable service in our country. The previous war once again revealed the military, moral and humanitarian problems which the health system of the country, particularly military medicine faces. The level of military medicine in Armenia is quite high – the problem of hospital equipment, as well as structural problems in this system is solved. They are consistent with the requirements of military department of Armenia. The system is equipped with high-qualified staff. The list of medicine used for soldiers’ treatment, as well as the functions of the sphere is clarified.

_Being a part of general health system, it is, however, another structure. Does the medical work gain or lose by this fact?

_The implementation of measures directed to the defense of the country, particularly the cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the military-medical department, is permanently in the centre of attention of the leadership of RA Health Ministry. Certainly, there are a lot of problems. I should mention that the military medicine is not separated from the general health system. The role of RA Ministry of Health in the development of military medicine is significant. That cooperation and joint work were practically fixed by the committee formed pursuant to the joint decree of the Ministers of Health and Defense. The head of the committee is RA Deputy Minister of Health Vahan Poghosyan. The committee cooperates with military-medical department in several directions – medicine, other urgent problems and some perspective issues. The committee also focuses on the activity of hygienic-epidemic service, as well as the Defense army of Nagorno-Karabakh in the same health directions. By the instruction of the leadership of health and defense departments, as well as by the initiative of the committee all these issues are constantly considered. The goal of the joint committee is strengthening the capacities of military-medical department, cooperation with the Ministry of Health so as it would be possible to carry out proper works in different situations. A great attention is paid to the promotion of the cooperation between military hospitals and civil medical facilities. This is the case when two different departments having a common joint aim and the work of the committee complete each other. Here we can underline staff replenishment, application of medical schemes, the assessment of the service or, as they say, licensing.

_What is the role of the Ministry of Health in the work of development of this sphere?

_I would like to mention that one of the typical issues of military doctors is the organization of service. That is, it is necessary to prepare not only military doctors but also organizers of military medicine performing different functions. The issue of prevention of diseases is also very important in order to prevent the penetration of diseases into the army. The military readiness of the soldiers is very important which is directly connected with soldiers’ physical health. In the frameworks of joint committee coordinated works are carried out. By the way, the staff of the committee is extended and besides different considerations, proposals are periodically submitted to the ministers.

_What issues should the <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> raise as an organization protecting the interests of military doctors?
_A new, specialized structure has been created which is destined to develop the military medicine. Due to the long-lasting work of the initiative group a new medical, non-governmental structure was created. The activity spheres and goals of the organization are very important and actual for the Armenian health system, particularly military medicine. The activity of << Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> will boost the development of scientific part of military medicine, as well and will give the representatives of the sphere an opportunity to go along with the science.

The association can provide assistance in many directions both to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense – provision of education, post-diploma education of military doctors, staff preparation and replenishment of the system with high-qualified specialists.