Expectations and perspectives as a result of the conference

The army of the Republic of Armenia is only 22 years old but Armenian military art is thousands years old. In the course of the history of more than 4 thousand years the Armenian soldier has fought the Babylonians, Assyrians, Ponticus, Romans, Mongols, Turks, Persians and many others, but the goal of fighting Armenian troops has never been robbery and massacre. Armenians have often introduced innovations into the military art. For instance, the ordinary structure of fortresses has first been changed by Armenians. Armenians began building forts wider than its usual size so as the horse stalls, as well as weapon and food storages could be placed in them.

Innovations are currently continuing, they are continuing in the sphere of military medicine, as well. Armenian military doctors create new, more efficient medicine. Yerevan is going to host foreign specialists of this sphere in order to discuss the modern problems of military medicine, to outline new solutions, as well as to exchange experience. A conference on <> is being organized by the joint efforts of the Military-Medical Department of RA Armed Forces, Medical Provision Department of Rescue Service of RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi and the Armenian Association of Military Doctors. The conference will be held in the administrative complex of Ministry of Defense, as well as in Military Institute after V. Sargsyan from 10 to 12 October.

RA Minister of Defense S. Ohanyan, RA Minister of Health A. Muradyan, RA Minister of Emergency situations A. Yeritsyan, RA Minister of Education and Science A. Ashotyan, RA Minister of Diaspora H. Hakobyan and the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University, Professor M. Narimanyan will have welcome speeches at the opening part of the conference. The scientific part of the conference will start with the speech of the head of <>, candidate of medical sciences R. Khachatryan.

After the plenary report on <> the participants will watch a film with the same title. Besides Armenian doctors, prominent doctors from the USA, Germany, France, Russia and Greece will come out with scientific reports on military medicine. Then demonstration of tactical-professional military exercises will be held with the participation of Military-Medical Service of RA Armed Forces and Rescue Service of RA ministry of Emergency situations. The military exercise on <> will have three stages. They are;

1. Medical provision of anti-subversive activities of motor-shooting battalion,
2. Medical provision at the stage of qualified medical assistance; those who need medical assistance qualified by EMEDS sanitarian traspost are evacuated to the next stage where sorting of the wounded and sick is carried out, as well as qualified medical assistance in full scale is provided,
3. Medical provision of anti-subversive activities in a civil area and search and rescue measures.

The military exercises will have the following characteristics;

One platoon takes the role of motor-shooting battalion. At the fighting stage cartridges without bullets are used.

The distance between the stages of evacuation and the civil area is conditional so as it could be observable.

The number of demonstrated sanitarian losses compared with the staff number is much more than possible sanitarian losses during the real military operation.

After summing up the results of the conference and military exercises RA Minister of Defense will have a meeting with the participants of the conference in order to discuss the perspectives of the development of military-medical service of RA armed forces and cooperation with the military-medical services of counterpart states.