International military-medical cooperation

In 2005 when the Program on Activities of Individual Partnership with NATO was signed the military-medical service of RA armed forces also started to participate in NATO programs on cooperation.

The first international mission in which our military doctors were involved was the peacekeeping mission in Iraq. From 2005 to 2008 Armenian military doctors involved in the mission group provided Iraqi residents, as well as the members of the Armenian group with medical assistance.

The Armenian military doctors still continue participating in peacekeeping missions. Currently, our doctors and nurses in Afghanistan and Kosovo provide the locals, as well as the members of the Armenian group with medical assistance.

Since 2007 RA Armed Forces have been involved in the Committee of Heads of Military-medical departments of NATO (COMEDS) which gives an opportunity to get acquainted with various military-medical events implemented in the frameworks of NATO, specifications of medical provision of the armed forces of different countries and new approaches. Participation of the Armenian party in the works of the Committee allows us to hold direct discussions with the heads of military-medical service of different countries, as well as to get acquainted not only with NATO standards but also with the leading experience of military-medical service of each member-state. The Armenian party has also a permanent member in the supervising group attached to the Committee where programs of all the working groups under Committee are discussed.
So, we have an opportunity to be informed on every positive development and to localize it in our armed forces, if necessary.
The cooperation between our military-medical service and American partners is active, too. It has increased since 2007 when Armenia got an opportunity to obtain <<EMEDS Basic>> Expeditionary medical system in the framework of US program <<External military funding>>. Due to this achievement we had an opportunity to implement new programs, particularly to hold joint trainings together with US specialists in Armenia, as well as in the USA. The last one was held in August -5 military doctors from Armenia took part in the military training named <<Alert protector>>.Currently, we have an Expeditionary medical system in order to provide specialized assistance in field conditions.

In the frameworks of defense cooperation between the Republic of Armenia and the USA more than a dozen of doctors and nurses of RA armed forces have had an opportunity to be trained in the USA. Joint trainings on provision of first aid are held scheduled both for officers and soldiers.

In the frameworks of cooperation with Germany the Armenian party received equipments for Expeditionary medical centre provided for the first aid as a present. Due to these equipments it is possible to carry out the first and professional medical assistance in any conditions. After the contribution of Germany joint military trainings were held together with military-medical specialists of Bundeswehr.

Currently, we have Deployable medical rescue system (DMRS) which is just impossible to overestimate. It should be mentioned that more than 10 Armenian military doctors have been trained in Germany hospitals, have got acquainted with German experience and apply it successfully in our military-medical system.

From 2006 to 2010 in the frameworks of international military-medical cooperation the representatives of military-medical service of RA armed forces and the students of the military-medical faculty of Medical University after M. Heratsi took part in MEDCEUR annual international medical trainings held by EUCOM.

Every year the officers of military-medical service of RA armed forces participate in trainings on <<Staff officer s of medical service>> and <<Pre-hospital provision of medical assistance for traumas>> held in accordance with NATO standards in the Republic of Lithuania. This is one more chance to improve the qualitative features of organizers and doctors of RA armed forces, to exchange experience, as well as to apply the gained knowledge in everyday activity.

We cooperate with the military-medical service of China, as well. In the frameworks of this cooperation our doctors are trained in hospitals of China.

We cooperate with Greece in the sphere of military-medical education. Up to now 3 civilians of the Republic of Armenia have graduated from the Military-medical Academy of Greece, six more civilians are going on with their education there.

We cooperate with Russia in the sphere of military-medical sphere, as well. The future doctors of RA armed forces study in the Military-medical Academy of Saint Petersburg. A training program of Armenian military doctors is implemented, as well.

Our cooperation with Belarus is in the frameworks of resort –and-spa treatment – our soldiers can receive treatment in the resorts of Belarus. We also can host the Belarusians in our resorts.

As a conclusion, I would like to mention that the Armenian party is going to increase the frames of military-medical cooperation, participate in new programs as it is sure that the efficient international cooperation, the targeted application of international experience are trustful guarantee for progress and development.