Garrison hospital of Zangezur

In 1992 by the order of the Minister of Defense the creation of the garrison hospital of Zangezur started in Syuniq region near community Aghitu. Works on improving housing conditions, creation of logistics base were implemented. In February, 1995 the military hospital could already receive its first patients. Though the hospital has not operated at war, many of its specialists have passed through the war. We know very well that on the first days of the war when we didn’t have a regular army yet, together with newly formed separate squads, doctors and nurses also went to the battlefront. At present, these people help the young specialists of military hospitals with their experience and knowledge.

<<Our hospital is quite equipped both with apparatus and specialists. Its evidence is the fact that a great number of civilians turn to us for medical assistance. Civilians not only from Sisian but also from Goris, Kapan and Meghri come to our hospital>>,-Major of medical service,

Deputy Commander of garrison hospital of Zangezur Vahe Petrosyan told us.

The tour in hospital was quite pleasing. The facility which was less than 2 decades old has therapeutic, surgical, inflectional, diagnosis, anesthesiology, intensive care and other departments, as well as dental and other services. The mentioned departments are mainly provided with staff. Currently, the medical staff consists of 24 specialists; specialist of surgical sphere, orthopedist, otolaryngologist, cardiologist, infectiologist and others. <<In general, with the existing staff we are able to organize the work properly. Indeed, there are certain specialists the hospital needs, for example, neurologist, urologist, vascular surgeon. In such cases we send the military contingent to Yerevan Central clinical hospital. What we have now is a serious achievement for the army which has a history of only 20 years. Works of improving the garrison hospitals are constantly carried out by the Ministry of Defense. Recently, positions of ophthalmologist and gynecologist have been added taking into consideration the big number of servicewomen and the needs of the families of the staff. Currently, we already have the appropriate specialists. Works of creation of gynecological room are under way. We have already some equipments, we have submitted bids to get the rest of equipments>>,-doctor Petrosyan told.

Some of the doctors of garrison hospital of Zangezur are specialists of the sphere of military medicine. There are also civil doctors who have turned into military ones. The big experience in this field which the doctors got at Artsakh war greatly helps the representatives of the young generation. <<It may take more than 20 years in peaceful conditions to get as much experience as our doctors got at war that lasted two years>>,- the young doctor said.

The possibilities of this garrison hospital in peaceful conditions allow us to receive about 100 patients but at emergency situations it is possible to receive up to 200 people. <<Naturally, in such cases we have a lot of difficulties. Sanitarian-hygienic norms are broken as we receive more patients than it is planned. This winter we had a case of acute respiratory outbreak but fortunately, due to sleepless days and hard work of our staff we were able to get over the epidemic outbreak>>,-doctor Petrosyan told. Otolaryngologist Garik Sargsyan who was present at the conversation added that the acute respiratory outbreak of this summer was a war in medicine. <<It was a military state for us. In the whole region we had as many patients as we could have at war. Our department fought and won >>,-doctor Sargsyan told proudly.

The garrison hospital of Zangezur currently works with modern equipment. In the first years of its existence it was equipped with apparatus provided by <<Eastern mission>> Danish organization. It was quite progressive for that period – 1995.  Currently, some rooms –dental, X-rays, diagnosis department are equipped with modern apparatus, the oldest ones are 1-2 years old. The hospital laboratory has digital techniques. Each technique is once comprehensively repaired then it goes on operating.  <<Our hospital certainly has a problem of some equipment. As an orthopedist I cannot solve problems of great volumes but otolaryngological and other operations are performed in a full volume. But, for example, patients with craneo-encephalic traumas which need additional examination are sent to central hospital. The hospital also needs a bacteriological laboratory. We need it especially in winter months. It would be better for us to have an electro-optical converter. It would give us an opportunity to extend the volume of the operations. The rest is normal. Perhaps, there will come some time when our country can afford to have such expensive equipments in garrison hospitals, as well>>,-told the doctor concerned with the soldier’s health. A part of this garrison hospital was repaired in 2009-2010, the other part is planned to be repaired at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. We have central heating in the repaired parts of the building.

The doctors of the hospital always participate in trainings; they get acquainted with medical innovations and new technologies. The trainings are held in our country as well as abroad, particularly in the Russian Federation.

Speaking of the sources of Armenian military medicine the doctors noted that the Armenian military medicine was originated together with Artsakh war. At present, the remarkable representatives of our military medicine are doctors who have fought at Artsakh war. Some of them were not even doctors during the war, but helped and saved their friends, out of necessity. Then they fell in love with the work, understood its importance and were specialized in the sphere after war. Our military medicine has a practical base. We had to start that way and then everything was put on an educational level. Military medicine and medicine, naturally, have many things in common. The main mission of both military medicine and medicine is to save human life and preserve human health. The peculiarity of Armenian military medicine is conditioned by our mountainous relief>>,-doctor Petrosyan told.

Vahe Petrosyan highlights the role of newly formed <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> in the sphere of military medicine. The structure with its fundamentals is what the doctors of this sphere really lacked. Experience exchange, rise in degree of social and legal protection of military doctors. It has many social problems to solve and we are very happy about its formation. Usually many questions arise the answers of which is difficult to find. At present, the association can help with such problems as rather serious specialists are involved in it>>.