Central military hospital of Stepanakert

In Artsakh we were met by the head of central military hospital, Lieutenant Colonel of medical service Zori Sadyan. He told us about the way the hospital has passed through as well as he represented us today’s state of the hospital. The central military hospital of Stepanakert began operating on the very first days of Artsakh movement. By the way, it was created on a very symbolic day – on 8 May, 1992. At first it was situated in the basement of the former diagnostics building, then since March 1993 it has been operating in today’s building. As Zori Sadyan tells they celebrate four holidays from 8 till 9 May every year – liberation of Shushi, the formation of Artsakh Army, the day of formation of hospital and the day of victory of Great Patriotic war. During Artsakh war our hospital operated not only inside the building but also some field hospitals were created which involved doctors who provided the wounded with the first aid in tents situated on the battlefront after which they moved the wounded to hospital. Later we sent them to Yerevan if it was necessary. It was also that way during the liberation of Martakert, Shushi, Drmboni, as well as during the fights at Fizuli, Aghdam and others>>,- told doctor Sadyan who was a student of Yerevan Medical University at that time and was serving in this hospital as a sanitary. It was found out that field hospitals are necessary at peaceful conditions, as well. They are necessary for military exercises.
The hospital which was formed after the cruel years of war was repaired in 2009. A new block has been created where the surgical, therapeutic and orthopedic departments are located. We can say that the area of the hospital has been doubled and the staff also has been extended. Besides, the possibilities of the hospital have been increased, the conditions have developed and the medical equipment has been upgraded. <>,-told the doctor.
The wards of central military hospital of Stepanakert are light and repaired. They contain 2-4 beds; they have cold and hot running water. There are wards where there are bathrooms, as well.
According to hospital’s head they don’t have serious staff problems. They have neurosurgeon, surgeon, orthopedist, maxillofacial surgeon, vascular surgeon, therapist, endocrinologist, neurologist, urologist and others. The hospital has two vacancies for anesthesiologists and by the end of the year the positions will have been supplemented. Most of the doctors -70 percent of them have military-medical education, the rest 30 present are doctor-officers. There are surgeons in our staff that have been serving in this hospital since the very first days of the war. They have passed the retirement age but we don’t let them leave as doctors who have passed through war help the young generations with their experiment and knowledge very much>>,-doctor Sadyan told adding that their specialists constantly participate in trainings. Last year 12 doctors were trained in Yerevan, 3 doctors have been trained this year and 14 more will be trained next year. However, it would be better if the doctors could be trained in foreign countries, as well. God forbid! If there are emergency situations the hospital can receive up to 210 patients. At peaceful conditions civilians also turn to hospital. <>,-this is the opinion of the head of central military hospital, Lieutenant Colonel of Military service Zori Sadyan on <>.