Central clinical military hospital of RA ministry of Defense

The Central clinical military hospital of Yerevan was created on March 15, 1994 in the period of hard military situation. That war compelled us to have military structures, as well as military medicine. Since the day of its creation the hospital has begun to implement its duties – receiving badly wounded soldiers, provision of medical assistance. By the way, in the Soviet Union period there were two military hospitals in Armenia – garrison hospitals of Yerevan and Gyumri. The conditions of Yerevan military hospital which was situated in Orbeli Street were not satisfying. It was impossible to form the central military hospital on its base as it couldn’t provide the conditions we needed during the war.

So, it was decided to create the military hospital on the base of the former railway hospital. The staff of the new military hospital was formed by civil doctors of that and other hospitals. <<Doctors from other hospitals came voluntarily and turned into military doctors. They also went to battle field, to frontline where there were field hospitals. Our doctors provided the fighters with the first aid at the scene then, in case of necessity, the wounded were taken to hospital to be operated or treated>>,-told the head of Central clinical military hospital Aram Asaturyan.

Aram Asaturyan remembers that at that time the military hospital was equipped with poor apparatus. But the most important was the unanimous and military spirit of our nation that led us to victory in a very difficult period. The hard state of the hospital was also got over due to that spirit.

The head of Central hospital states that in recent 20 years a big flight has been recorded as in order to achieve today’s status from the status of newly formed army and military medicine, quite serious steps had to be taken, serious investments had to be made. <<Currently, our hospital is equipped with modern apparatus. It has also a well-prepared staff. Every year our doctor-officers have trainings in leading hospitals of the world – in Germany, in the USA, in Russia and in England in the framework of the programs confirmed by Ministry of Defense. At the moment the doctor of intensive Care Unit is in Germany to have three-year training. We constantly upgrade our equipments. Particularly, at present we have a computer tomography which is the best in Armenia. The Ministry of Defense is concerned with the problems of military medicine and does his best to equip it with the newest apparatus>>,-said Aram Asaturyan.

The doctors working in Central clinical military hospital are military doctors who have graduated from the military-medical faculty of Medical University. There are also specialists who have passed through Artsakh war. For example, the head of Military-Medical department Kamavor Khachatryan is a leading surgeon who has fought at Artsakh war. Vahan Gevorgyan, the head of thoracic Surgery unit Gevorg Voskanyan and some more specialists have been both fighters and doctors on the battlefront.

At the moment one of the hospital blocks is being repaired. <<The conditions in the wards are normal but we are trying to improve them and make them the best. Unfortunately, we cannot act quickly because of economic state of our country as those works require serious financial investments>>,- the Lieutenant Colonel mentioned thoughtfully.

By the way, the hospital plans to have a helicopter airline, as well. According to Asaturyan, they have planned to build a block on which they can have a helicopter parking.

Referring to the newly formed <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> Aram Asaturyan, who is also a member of the association council, mentioned that the structure has a very significant mission. <<First of all, it is destined to become a bridge between the society and military life, military medicine. There will also be experience exchange and cooperation with military doctors of several counties>>,-Asaturyan told.

The head of Central clinical military hospital said with satisfaction that not only the efforts of ministry of Defense but also the efforts of Ministry of Health are directed to the development of military medicine and military hospitals. In case of necessity of cooperation on some issues the civil hospitals and doctors help the military hospital. The hospital provides a great number of civilians with medical assistance, as well.