Mission of association was demanded

The health system is the target of the activity of numerous non-governmental organizations. However, very few people are concerned by the problems of the doctors working in more dangerous and extreme situations. That mission in Armenia was taken up by the NGO <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>>. We are talking to the head of NGO <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>>, the advisor of the minister of health Ruzanna Khachatryan.

_What problems can the association solve?  

_The founding meeting of <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> was convened on May 29, 2014. It was created in favor of the military service of Armenian armed forces. Its activity is aimed to support the implementation of different health mechanisms. The association brings the military doctors round a common idea. It allows to save the soldiers’ health through the joint efforts as well as to demolish the shortcomings that exist in the sphere. The main goals of the association are;

  1. Research of mechanisms of medical service, organization and management of defense sphere.
  2. Main methodological analysis of implementation of functions of medical service.
  3. Research of medical-geographical characteristics of armed forces and analysis of centralization of medical work.
  4. Combination of possibilities of military-medical provision with leading foreign experience and proposal of development of guidelines.
  5. Support to military doctors on professional and social-legal issues.
  6. Consideration of joint therapeutic approaches.
  7. Monitoring of multi-level implementation of military-medical education and personnel policy, as well as involvement in educational and scientific-research works.
  8. Implementation of consistent works with the representatives of civil health and military-medical system of the republic.
  9. Outline of conceptual directions of scientific practical development.
  10. Periodic summery of scientific works and researches on military medicine, initiation of scientific perspective programs agreed with the leaders of state authorized body of defense sphere.

_ Why was it necessary to create the association?

On the whole, the military-medical health structure is a body managed vertically as the army. The army’s medical service was formed step by step through the scarce resources of the heavy heritage left after the war. Initially it was based on the experience of the military-medical structures which existed during the period of the Soviet Union. So, it was necessary to reform it in accordance with the requirements of modern period and improve the system. As you have noticed, the recent years’ activity of the leaders of armed forces was meant to represent the army to the public more openly. Many non-governmental organizations with structural approaches have excellently supported the army in this work. However, among the NGO-s supporting the army there was not an organization which would represent the health sphere which could provide the doctor with the platform to share his pain and burden. About 500 doctors most of which are military doctors are subscribed to the association. They all welcomed the formation of the association because as a result, an environment was formed where the doctors can gather in open or close formats and discuss the issues they are worried about.

_ Which are the priorities of the activity of the association?

The priorities of <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> are;

–                      To be integrated in modern military health structures of the world. But to do that first of all we must appreciate and sum up what we have done, we must coordinate everything we have and go through the way necessary for the integration.

–                      To provide precise information base in order to improve the clinical activity. There is such kind of thing in medicine; if your diagnosis is correct your treatment is correct, too. So, in order to have a correct diagnosis it s necessary to have true information. The second important step is monitoring and periodic surveys. That idea was submitted to the Ministry of Defense and was approved.

–                      Nowadays there is a problem of professional licensing of doctors. We can form a group with the foreign leading specialists which will do the work of individual professional licensing. After all, we have a wonderful Diaspora which can also help us in this work. As a result, the above-mentioned group will estimate the available potential and will search ways of highly qualified specialization of military doctors.

–                      To update the medical care and medical service of military ring in front line with the purpose of raising the efficiency. Currently we are working on the formation of a new model of medical service of military ring. We think that the use of helicopters with medical technology might be more efficient to take the patient from the front line immediately than the use of other means of transport passing through ground difficulties.

–                      I have the following suggestion; to create conditions through new technology to organize the online consultation of the wounded. That is, it is not necessary for the doctor to get to Berd, Tavush, for example, to examine the patient. Instead he can get informed about the problem online and travel to the mentioned place if necessary. That way it is also possible to save time. It is right, in our hospital ring big efforts are made but modernization has always been and remains the imperative of time.

_What is the framework of possibilities and competencies of the association?

The association has signed a joint memorandum of activities with Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ministry of Health. Naturally, in this sphere the NGO has not the right to do anything without cooperating with the above-mentioned ministries. The creation of the association is an additional platform, as well to help and support the soldiers’ mothers. I have informed the soldiers’ mothers that they can turn to me or to the association with any issue they are concerned about. As a non-governmental organization we can support the soldier’s mother.


<<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> already has its website which also virtually will be in contact with our citizens.

_What is the mission of the conference and the military training that will take place in October?

By the initiative of the association in the framework of the Ministry of Defense from 10 to 12 October a conference of military doctors will be held in which doctors invited from different countries – German, France, Greece, Russia, CIS member states will take part. The conference will have a solemn part in the session hall, then a scientific part at which the participant doctors will come out with reports. There will be scientific practical discussions on, for example, traumatic medical service, that is, traumatic surgery, traumatic ophthalmology, traumatic pulmonology, neurosurgery and other topics. The scientific news in this or that sphere will be represented. On the second day military training will be held by medical department. After that there will be a short discussion as a summery. Then as a gesture of respect and hospitability RA minister of Defense will invite the participants of the conference to the round table.

In the framework of the conference there is a cultural component, as well. We want to represent not only our military-medical system but also elements of national culture. That’s why on the day of military training at dinner break we are going to offer the Armenian cuisine to the guests in an appropriate vogue. It is an accepted practice in the world.

_Will the association’s activity have a social direction?

Yes, our organization has a social direction, as well. As we know, we have a problem of human disability after war. With the permission of the minister of Defense I have asked the list of disabled soldiers. We have planned to mediate and contribute to their treatment or other necessary aid. We also have plans to organize the insurance of soldiers from accidents. Works are being implemented to find an appropriate insurance company. We have offered our partners in Diaspora to create a foundation for the insurance sum. We spare special attention to the introduction of prophylactic medicine; it is a system of preventive measures. The whole world is on the way of preventing the diseases. We also should go that way. Preventive programs are developed by our organization, moreover not only for the soldiers, but also for civilians. We are trying to create a scientific-coordinative group which will submit the basics developed by the group to the Ministry of Defense as suggestions.

In general, I can say that cooperating with the Military-Medical department of RA armed forces the association with its limited resources will do its best to achieve the possible best results.