High-qualified staff to military-medical sphere

Generation change is one of the main ways to have a sustainable system, but there is one problem; what kind of staff you are going to replace it by. What kind of generation of military doctors is being educated and what are the conditions the present generation is being educated in? Can they take the existing experience and go ahead? We are talking with the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, Professor Michael Narimanyan.

_The military-medical faculty has a history of 20 years. Is it enough to be considered consistent?

_Based on the results we have had during the last 20 years I can confidently tell that it was a sufficient period for military medicine to become consistent. We can already state that the military medicine has become an academic subject, a program of preparing a specialist at post graduate period and a program of long-lasting improvement of a doctor. Thus, military medicine in the period of 20 years has become either a subject, a program or means of pre-diploma, professional and long-lasting education. There are two scales to determine the degree of being consistent; firstly, requirements we need, secondly, comparison with other countries. I think our military medicine meets the international standards according to both points mentioned. In this regard the upcoming conference is essential at which military doctors from foreign countries will be present. It will give us an opportunity to enrich and compare our experience. Experience exchange will take place. Let’s not forget that the experience we have is quite specific. The military-medical faculty was created not at peace time but at the period of military operations to provide our independence and security. Later it developed as a science and turned into a component of the academic sphere.

_What is the difference between the military doctor and the civil doctor?

_The difference between the military doctor and the civil doctor is the fact that besides Hippocrates Oath, he takes a military oath, as well. The frame of his responsibility gets expanded in accordance with some requirements. The military doctor must possess more comprehensive knowledge in order to be able to show medical aid to a person in the most various cases; epidemics, firearm injuries, that is whatever can happen in the battlefront and in hospital. The formation of the <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> is very important for the perspective of development of military medicine. The organization will bring military doctors together, protect their interests, support their wishes, as well as provide their long-lasting education.

_What does the faculty do to provide and keep scientific and professional high level?

_Recently we have signed an agreement with the Defense minister according to which an educational-scientific centre of military medicine is to be created in the framework of Medical University. Currently, no branch of medicine can develop without a serious research base. So, if an educational program of professional development is carried out, it must be based on facts. And the facts must be achieved in the result of research; that is planning, holding research and analyzing research data. We lack all these and it will be complemented by the creation of the above-mentioned centre. In the coming months we are going to launch the organizational and construction works.

_What is the rating of the military-medical faculty as the most important facility preparing staff?

_The rating of the faculty which is formed in the result of a hard work is quite high. Moreover, the rating is also formed through the assessment of an educational process. In this regard, I can tell without exaggerating that high quality level is provided and gradually improved by the deanery and the departments. I have been the head or the deputy head of the committee of final exams for 11 years. Almost always I have been pleased with the knowledge of our graduates.

We have a serious experience and a good staff and I am sure we have necessary intellectual capabilities to consider, estimate and use that experience to solve further problems. The military-medical faculty does not operate in an isolated way. The faculty employees introduce their achievements in the activity of other faculties, as well. They all work together and it proves once more that the military-medical faculty must be in the structure of the university so as they could enrich each other with experience and professional skills.

_What do our doctors and students need while communicating with foreign specialists?

_To tell the truth, we have a problem of the English and Russian languages. That is why we have introduced the foreign language in the educational program as a mandatory subject. The doctor must always be directed by a serious literature, he must always be in the centre of changes, and so, to do it, he must master a foreign language. If the knowledge of a foreign language is not sufficient the information can be comparatively less and the level of awareness can be low. In the acquirement of first-rate literature the deanery and <<Armenian Association of Military Doctors>> have a serious role. The intellectual capacities of the students of the faculty are good. They are always distinguished by their discipline, sense of responsibility and proper appearance. It is also very important. The appearance must match the selected profession because it gives confidence to the patient. In a nutshell, we mobilize and develop what we already have.

_If the war starts suddenly, will your graduates be ready to go the battlefront?

_The staff of our university is educated with patriotic ideas, as well, it is evident. I think, the formula <<knowledge-patriotism>> will have a very serious result. God forbid! If suddenly the military operations restart, our doctors will be as ready as the army itself. It’s a very high assessment as the military power and the medical provision in the army from the point of view of preparedness are on the same high level. It is not only important but also fatal for us. So, glory and honor to all those who have organized everything, who have carried out, are carrying out and will carry out this patriotic activity.